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KUDIN.FI – Career readiness self-assessment

Welcome to assess and improve your career capabilities!

What is a self-assessment tool designed to support you in your career planning and study path. Career planning and the determination of the direction in which you want to take your education and career involve diverse cognitive, psychological and social processes. This self-assessment assists you in identifying your own career skills with the help of three questionnaires: Career readiness test, My strengths during change, as well as Career choices and decision-making.


Career readiness is something you can learn. Career planning involves comprehensive orientation towards the future and building your own identity as a specialist. You will have already started the process before starting your studies, and you will continue it after graduation. You may have inherent career planning strengths. You may need to improve some of your skills. What is essential is identifying questions about your future, working on them and reflecting on them. When you have identified your career planning thoughts, questions and challenges, you will be able to better develop your career readiness before graduation and during your career.


  • At, you can assess your career readiness by filling out three questionnaires.
  • Based on your replies, you will receive feedback and tips on which areas you should work on.
  • You can complete just one questionnaire or all of them at once.
  • The service will not save any of your personal data, but you will have the option of saving the feedback you receive and emailing it to yourself.
  • You can work on the feedback you received and the thoughts it provoked on your own, together with your personal study adviser or career counsellor, in a career group, on specific career/expertise courses or as part of your portfolio work.

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